Ranking of Armenian banks’ loan portfolios for 2014

Ranking of Armenian banks’ loan portfolios for 2014

The aggregate loan portfolio of Armenia’s banks amounted to AMD 2 163 billion in 2014 after growing 21.2% over the year.

ARKA News Agency’s analysis shows that Ameriabank, VTB Bank (Armenia), Ardshinbank, HSBC Bank Armenia and Armbusinessbank were largest lenders among the country’s banks in 2014. These banks’ aggregate loan portfolio amounted to AMD 1 135.7 billion and made up 52.5% of the total lending of the country’s banks.

Ameriabank, with its AMD 300.4 billion, a 62.3% growth and a 13.9% share in the aggregate loan portfolio, was the biggest lender in 2014.

VTB Bank (Armenia), with its AMD 244.3 billion, an 11.7% growth and an 11.3% share, came second in ARKA News Agency’s ranking.

Ardshinbank, with AMD 220.1 billion, a 27.8% growth and a 10.2% share, ranked third here, HSBC Bank Armenia, with AMD 186.5 billion, a 21.7% growth and a 8.6% share, fourth and Armbusinessbank, with AMD 184.4 billion, 34.4% and 8.5% respectively fifth.