AMD, foreign currency

Minimum amount

1,000,000 AMD or its equivalent in foreign currency

Duration of credit

up to 180 months

Interest rate

AMD: 14-16 %, foreign currency: 11-14%

Maximum amount

40,000,000 AMD or its equivalent in foreign currency


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Terms and conditions

To obtain a credit

Required documents

Useful information

Real estate purchase mortgage loans are provided to resident individuals who are 18 years or older at the time of undertaking and who will not enter pension age during the term of the loan.

The loan amount is disbursed non-cash - in AMD and foreign currency,

Duration of credit: up to 180 months, no minimum duration,

Minimum amount of credit: 1,000,000 AMD or equal amount in foreign currency,

Maximum amount: 40,000,000 AMD or equal amount in foreign currency,

Annual interest rate: AMD: 14-16%, foreign currency: 11-14%,

Loan repayments are specified to be monthly equal installments or equal installments of the loan principal, envisaging for each month repayment of loan interest amounts and partial loan amount;

Interest accrues on the actual (decreasing) principal of the loan,

The minimum prepayment is defined by at least 30% of the purchased property,

Surety: purchased real estate, other real estate if necessary, movable estate, precious metals, money, guaranties, etc.

The correlation loan/collateral shall not exceed 70%.


Apartments in new buildings